Salesperson Insight

It's a funny thing about having bad habits, you don’t know you’ve got them ... but your customers do.

We find them for you, so you can easily defeat them.

Salesperson Insight is a sophisticated tool to bring you back on track by increasing your self-awareness enabling you to focus on specific habits. Without a tool like this, you will search aimlessly for the cause of your sales slump.

We’re not just increasing your self-awareness; we’re providing a report that tells you, in very specific terms, how your customers’ see you. You learn how your attitude, moods and bad habits impact your body language making you appear distracted, defensive, angry, and even deceptive.

We can identify over 50 different positive and negative personality traits, habits and hang-ups. We suggest ways to help you develop your innate strengths and eliminate your weaknesses and bad habits.

Self-diognosis usually doesn't work

Trying to diagnose your own problems is merely speculation and is usually wrong; you need to focus on your true strengths and weakness, without speculation or having to trust someone else’s opinion. Exposing your private feeling to another person can be uncomfortable, even humiliating and might still take months to resolve.

We use handwriting analysis to penetrate the subconscious barrier in your brain. You simply copy a couple of paragraphs on our form, fax or email it to us and you will get your report tomorrow.

From time-to-time we could all use a self-awareness tune-up to bring us back on track. In many cases the correction of a bad habit can be as simple as knowing that you have it.

Improve the whole sales team

Written Inc.'s Salesperson Insight is a new type of personality report and sales improvement solution designed to help the entire sales team close more business. Written Inc. spent 10 years developing a proprietary technique, known as Written Body Language Analysis™, which taps into the salesperson's subconscious mind to reveal their true personality traits.

With Salesperson Insight, your salespeople will learn how each of their traits is impacting their selling success, what they're communicating to their prospect through their body language and what they can do specifically to change and improve.

Personality and Attitude - The Keys to Success

Why do some salespeople struggle and underperform while others achieve great success? What is the root cause for mediocre or poor results? The biggest difference between the also-rans and the superstars is their personality traits and the way they think.

Who Can Benefit From Salesperson Insight?

  • Salespeople - all experience levels and industries

  • Sales Management - sales teams close more sales

  • Sales Trainers - increase effectiveness of training

Report Overview

Salesperson Insight reports reveal the specific, desirable and undesirable aspects of the salesperson's personality.

The report is divided into 6 sections:

  • Personality traits identified

  • Emotional perspective and attitudes

  • How to identify the trait in themselves and others

  • The impact the trait has on selling

  • How the prospect sees the salesperson and the trait

  • Suggestions for changing and improving

In addition, each Salesperson Insight report comes with two instructional guides: "The Salesperson's Guide To Body Language" and "Changing Your Thinking Workbook"

Take a look at what's in the Salesperson Insight Report ...

A Different Approach to Personality Reporting

Salespeople want to know if their personalities are holding them back, preventing them from building rapport or costing them sales.

The personality assessments currently available for salespeople are questionnaire based and rely on the salesperson to answer questions about themselves. This method only reports on the perception the salesperson has of themselves, which is often very different from reality.

Because Salesperson Insight is tapping into the salespersons subconscious, specific personality traits such as argumentative, idealistic, anxious, angry and inflexible can be revealed.

Most salespeople spend very little time thinking about the impact their personality traits, emotions and attitudes have on their sales careers. Until they take an honest inventory of these aspects of their personality, they won't know what they need to improve, enhance or change. Salesperson Insight helps the salesperson by revealing the desirable and undesirable aspects of their personality.

Body Language and Personality

Body language is the physical expression of a person's thoughts and feelings. What's going on in someone's head is translated into physical actions, typically without the person being aware of them. Studies have shown that when a salesperson communicates with a buyer face-to-face, up to 90% of their message is conveyed through their body language.

Salesperson Insight helps the salesperson becoming aware of the non-verbal cues associated with their traits so they can alter their body language and avoid conveying the wrong message to the buyer.

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