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Candidate Insight

Every time you make a hiring mistake and replace an employee, it ends up costing you, on average, $45,000.

Fortunately, there's a powerful HR tool that can significantly reduce the amount you spend on re-hiring and re-training. This solution reduces the risk that new employees won't last, would cause problems, or simply not perform well.

Written Inc. has developed this revolutionary service, called Candidate Insight. This robust tool blends computer modeling with skilled expertise for a 95%+ accuracy rate - providing positive (and negative) data that tests cannot reveal.

Candidate Insight uses 21st-century technology to interpret and report on Written Body Language™ -- so you avoid hiring mistakes, reduce turnover, and match people with an ideal role. There's nothing like it, so the best way to show you its effectiveness is with a free, no-obligation trial. Click here for details . . .